Java Rotation Bot – WoW

Java Rotation Bot

This Java Rotation Bot, works with screenshots, an addon, and sending keys. It in no way messes with or reads the memory of World of Warcraft, which means it's much less likely to be detected then any other rotation bot.

Java Rotation Bot

So how doe the Java Rotation Bot work exactly? Well, it uses screenshots, and the addon called Ovale Spell Priority, to tell it which keys to send to the World of Warcraft client.

  • Download & Install the Java Rotation Bot (archived with 7zip)
  • Update & Remove Previous Versions of Java
  • Download & Install  Ovale Spell Priority
  • Run WoW in Windowed Mode
  • Run the Java Rotation Bot
  • ...and follow the instructions to set up the Java Rotation Bot, as shown below.

To set up the Java Rotation Bot, do the following (these instructions are also presented on the Java Rotation Bot).

  1. Java Rotation BotConfigure Ovale: Click your newly installed Ovale UI and go to Icon Settings.
  2. Turn off 'Highlight Icon' and 'Flash the icon when ability is ready'
  3. Show the Java Rotation Bot where Ovale is placed on the screen: Hover over the center of the single target dps icon and press CTRL + SHIFT + Z
  4. Press CTRL + SHIFT + X to add a new icon from Ovale to IconDPS.
  5. You can now tell the Java Rotation Bot what key to send when it sees this icon (use the box to the right of the icon).
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for all abilities.
  7. Hold down the 'e' key to automatically dps.

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