Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick

Kill Level 90 Powerleveling TrickUsing this Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick, you will be able to kill a single mob repeatedly for good XP, even at level 95. This then allows you to level quickly upto level 100 or so. Simply kill, reset, kill again.

The mob has about 70k health, and at level 95 with +45% XP modifiers + rested XP, gives out 5922xp per kill. But I did mention that this was a Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick, right? The trick is to kill him again, right after you kill him the first time. In fact to do it over and over solo.

Kill Level 90 Powerleveling Trick Instructions

There are a few more XP modifiers that I didn't use, but I will mention them here.
With these buffs you will gain even more XP per kill:


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