Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide – WoW

On my server in World of Warcraft, with this Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide, Large Brilliant Shard Farming GuideI can make 20k gold hourly. This might not be the same for you however, as let's face it - different shards have different prices for Large Brilliant Shards. So before you step into this guide, check your server prices and see if this is something worthwhile for you. If the price of these shards are 200 gold each or more, then you will see similar results.

Obviously, if we are Large Brilliant Shard Farming, then we are using enchanting to disenchant items to get these shards. Make sure that you have a character that can disenchant as well as checking the current rate for the shards.

Large Brilliant Shard Farming Guide

Trust me. After a few runs, you'll be doing this on autopilot and will be able to enjoy some of life's finer pleasures. But before I go into this guide, I ask that you share it to social media. This way, more people can benefit from this guide, and it gets the word out, that we are still here after all these years.

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