LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker

If you had this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker, you would no longer wonder what to do with the mats that you farmed. You plug in the prices of your mats, plug in the prices of what you can make, and then simply look at where you can make a profit on the Auction House, in World of Warcraft.

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LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker

LEGION Gold Flipping SpreadsheetI am not going to lie to you, this won't be a matter of using a tool to scan the AH, you're going to have to do the work yourself and input numbers directly into this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet. However there are some numbers already in it, and they might work partially, but each server is going to be different, and you will want to manually update it at least once a week to ensure that the profits are where you think they are. Just opening it with Open Office (free) however, you're going to be able to look at the numbers and get a rough idea of where you can profit, if you are able to use all the crafting abilities on your various characters.

If you don't understand the term Gold Flipping, let me explain it. It means you buy an item off the AH (or sometimes farm them), then look to your spreadsheet to see if it suggests you disenchant, sell the item, or change it another way, to secure more of a profit. Now, you could subscribe to Zygor's Gold addon, and it will do this for you, automatically - but it's going to cost you about $8 a month, every month. Here, you simply download the spreadsheet and then input your own numbers, so that you can do it manually. The choice is yours...

Download LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet

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If there is anything we missed on this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet, let us know in the comments below...

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Thanks to user:Ketrish for this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet

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