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I decided it's time to start doing some LEGION Transmog Preparations. With this, I have been working out how to actually become prepared for LEGION and the best way I can think of is with transmog. While others will be farming gold, leveling their characters, or maxing out their gear, I will instead be farming LEGION transmog items. With the expansion not even remotely near release, now is the time to do this.... but how you ask?

LEGION Transmog Preparations

LEGION Transmog PreparationsIt's no surprise that the next expansion is already on it's way, but we have learned from the various expansions that most items won't transition to the next expansion, meaning they will only go down in value. This means that if I have 100k gold today, 2 days after the expansion is released, that same amount of gold will be worth less, most likely half of it's current value. We can use the actual price of gold to determine this. If 10k gold costs $10 before the expansion, then that same amount costs $5 a few days later, we lose half the value.

It's for this reason that we need to start our LEGION Transmog Preparations. You're probably thinking... how? The first thing you need to know is that gold is one of the primary things you will need. You can either start farming it now, or buy it. If you buy it, I recommend buying from MMOGoldSales - I have worked with them for years and know them to be legit. After you start piling gold up, what's next? I am sorry to be cryptic here - but I want this information only for our VIP subscribers now. For that reason, all I can say is LEGION Transmog items...

The items to collect which will be able to be transmogged are... Helm, Shoulder, 720+ Cloaks, Chest, 118+ Shirts, 118+ Tabards, Wrists, Gloves, Waists, Legs, Boots, and Weapons.

Remember, you can do this technique on multiple characters. When LEGION is released, we should have an abundance of LEGION transmog items to choose from, and since no one else will have your level of items, expect to make a wealth of WoW Gold.

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