Level 100-110 AFK 8 hours – WoW trick

Level 100-110 AFK 8 hoursThis method to Level 100-110 AFK 8 hours, isn't the fastest way to level, but it can be done virtually hands free. You will have to do a little work, that is to move a bit and invite other players, but you're going to be able to level in a little over 8 hours, without killing a mob. If you're up for it, you can actually level faster, if you can solo the mobs which we will be targeting, in which case, it will take you a little over 4 hours to level up. There are however some conditions, which I will go into in a moment.

Level 100-110 AFK 8 hours

In order to Level 100-110 AFK 8 hours (or 4 hours soloing, killing mobs), you're going to need to do a World Quest. If the World Quest isn't active, this isn't going to work, there will be no mobs to farm.

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