Level 98-100 Speed Level Method – WoW

Level 98-100 Speed Level Method - WoWIn this last patch, WoW made some changes to leveling XP, so this Level 98-100 Speed Level method could hold a special place in your heart. Blizzard made it harder to level 98-100 by increasing the XP needed to level. This will not only negate that effect, but also increase your leveling speed exponentially while in use.

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Level 98-100 Speed Level Method

Why did Blizzard reduce the XP gain down 20-25%? Because they decided to launch a new XP Potion, Elixir of the Rapid Mind. This XP potion increases XP gained by 300% for 15 minutes. So while the Frostfire Cave, used to be good for leveling pre-patch 6.2 (till level 98), we need a new spot to Level 98-100 Speed Level.

First off, you should know that the Elixir of the Rapid Mind is obtainable via the AH. Also, if you are below level 84, and you want to, you can double stack potions Elixir of Ancient Knowledge. They won't buff each other, but they will allow you to get 3x each on the base XP. So if you were to get 200xp on a kill, with one pot, you would get 800. With both of them, you would get 1400xp per kill. This knowledge isn't going to help you Level 98-100 Speed Level - but if you are below level 84, you can super speedlevel with that trick.

Okay so you want to know the Level 98-100 Speed Level method. If you are in a group Bones Farming in Nagrand is the fastest method, but if you are solo Level 98-100 Speed Leveling, you need to use a different method (see bottom of post for 96-98 Speed Leveling method).

The following Level 98-100 Speed Level Method takes place in Nagrand and it also contains a bonus objective and Elixir of the Rapid Mind. Understand, the prep work is the hardest, it's going to take you 10+ minutes of prep work, but the actual leveling takes about 5+ minutes. So total time will be 15-30 minutes, depending on how closely you follow this Level 98-100 Speed Level guide.

Read Carefully: There is no Easier, Faster, or  simpler way all together than this from 98-100! - If you find any... feel free to post it in the comments and I will remove my statement.

What You Need for the Level 98-100 Speed Level Method:

  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • Potion of Accelerated Learning
  • Starting Quest for Talador from your Garrison Board (See Picture Above!)
  • And a bit of preparation (Explained in the Video Below):

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