Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat – WoW

If you had this Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat, Leystone Lockbox Content Cheatthen you would know before you opened any of the Leystone Lockboxes, whether or not there was any value within them. How cool would that be? Imagine making a YouTube video (like the one below), but only having rare items within the lockboxes. The odds against that are astronomical, and people would think you had a cheat - but not know how you did it. This is where you would be able to seem really lucky.

The Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat will teach you how to identify which Leystone Lockboxes have multiple green items, a rare item, or just average gear. It will not however tell you what exactly is inside.

Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat

Now before I go into how to determine what is inside a Leystone Lockbox without opening it, I am sorry but I have to hide it from non-VIP users. Very few people know about this, and it's best to keep it secret. You see once everyone knows how to do it, then some idiot will make a YouTube video and Blizzard will fix it. This guy, doesn't have the cheat...

If he did have this Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat, then the video would be awesome. But he doesn't. And it's not. *sad face*

If you post a code in the comments, I will use the info to update this chart. Note that I will moderate all comments to ensure that the info on how to use this Leystone Lockbox Content Cheat doesn't get out.

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