List All Known Glyph Recipes – WoW

List All Known Glyph RecipesWith a little bit of fiddling you can chance this tool which will List All Known Glyph Recipes across all your characters to list recipes for other crafting skills in World of Warcraft as well. This tool itself was made with javascript, and you should be able to  - even as a non-coder figure what needs to be changed.

List All Known Glyph Recipes

Please note that the list of all the Glyphys comes from the tool Tradeskill Master. This will be helpful if you want to make use of this tool for other professions as well. I should also mention that the output of this tool actually shows what you don't know, so that you won't have to filter through those you do, making it easier to determine what you still need. It will also show for ALL of your characters in case more then one character has the inscription trade skill.

Save the following text inside notepad, editplus, or notepad++, and save it as glyph.js.You will now need to install Nodejs, if you have saved the above code to Glyph.js. 

Inside Nodejs, type 

node glyph.js

Now the output should look something like this...

6 Glyph Missing
Glyph of the Stag
Glyph of Chain Lightning
Glyph of Weakened Soul
Glyph of Spirit of Redemption
Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment
Glyph of Splitting Ice

In essence, this now shows all the Glyphs you either don't know or haven't discovered yet. Thanks goes to topalsinek for this List All Known Glyph Recipes tool.

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