Low Level PVP God Mode – WoW

Low Level PVP God Mode - World of WarcraftWhat exactly is the Low Level PVP God Mode? If you have a low level character which has under 5000 health - I know you do... then you can get a buff which you can use in PVP which will heal you every couple seconds for 5k in health. To say that this is a game breaking WoW Cheat, would be right on the money - since it's almost impossible to die unless you get hit with something between heals, that hits you for the full amount of your health.

WARNING: The use of WoW Cheats can get you suspended or banned. The first time you get caught, claim ignorance and then be more careful. It's best not to show off too much - and you don't even need to use this in PVP to have this be effective (but it's more fun).

Low Level PVP God Mode Instructions:

credit to advanta for the find.

Did you like this WoW Cheat on receiving this Low Level PVP God Mode? Did it work for you? Post in the comments below and tell us your success story - better yet, make a video (with credit to this site) and share it here.

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