Lucid Nightmare mount farming trick – WoW

If you've been Lucid Nightmare mount farming, then you need to know this trick. It will help you to farm the mount up much quicker. Otherwise, without this trick... you will have to just try your luck or try following the one of many guides out there.

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Lucid Nightmare mount farming trick

Before we teach you this Lucid Nightmare mount farming, lets show you exactly what this mount looks like. Check out the video below...

There are many guides up on youtube on how to get the mount, but there aren't really any quick guides, and following and using this Lucid Nightmare mount farming trick, should net you the mount faster, since we will be bypassing the Endless Halls a bit.

Lucid Nightmare mount farming requirements

  • Lucid Nightmare mount farming trickWe figured out this trick on a Demon Hunter, but you might be able to use this method on other character types.
  • This is only meant to help you get past the Endless Halls quickly. 
  • Lucid Nightmare Helper (via Curseforge).

Start by Reading or watching a guide on how to complete the quest line up to Endless Halls.

Now refer to this image.

You will have to go in a STRAIGHT line all the time through the doors, bypass the block by jumping on the brazier and then over the boulders.

Keep repeating this until you find a matching orb and rune color and return to the rune by going back on the same straight line.

The addon above should help you mark down the colors.

Let us know what you think about this Lucid Nightmare mount farming trick for Worlf of Warcraft, by leaving a comment below.

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