Manipulate the Auction House – WoW

Manipulate the Auction HouseThis method to Manipulate the Auction House, may actually work for other games which use some sort or 3rd party AH tracking tool. When we Manipulate the Auction House, we are going to, over the course of a few hours lower or raise the buyout prices to our needs, to maximize profits.

Manipulate the Auction House

The first thing you need to do to Manipulate the Auction House, is to buy up or farm (which ever you want to do, doesn't matter which) the item you plan to manipulate. You're going to want at least 150 of said items if they are stackable. If they aren't and are slightly more rare, then you can do less - but you won't want to do something which is super rare, because to manipulate the market, we need to do some dumping first, which means losing a bit of money.

So the next step to Manipulate the Auction House, is to... Final tip to use with the method to Manipulate the Auction House: Prices are also normally cheaper on the weekends, and more expensive on the weekdays, when the kiddies are at school. So to Manipulate the Auction House, it's recommended that you consider this, when you start playing with it, and understand it's harder to drive prices up on the weekends, but easier to drive them down. The opposite is true for weekdays. It's easier to drive prices up when less people are competing with you.

Note: I used a common item of Embersilk in my examples above, it doesn't have to be Embersilk, you can use anything for which there is an abundance of, and again this can work in ANY game, including World of Warcraft which often uses a 3rd party AH price tracking tool. It might even work with games which have their own AH price tracking tool, but I haven't tested it much with other games.

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