Massive Fireball Display – WoW Trick

This Massive Fireball Display is a WoW trick you can use to cause havoc or to impress your friends... if you're a Fire Mage. Anyone else, need not read any further, as you won't be able to do this trick. I await the day when I can take a screenshot of several firemages wielding this display of "fire power".

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Create Massive Fireball Display

Ok, so obviously, and as stated above, you need to be a Fire mage in World of Warcraft. But if you use Rukhmar's Sacred Memory, the artifact fireballs orbiting around you will become gigantic. Then to increase them to a massive size, we couple it with toys like World Shrinker for an even bigger result of this Massive Fireball Display.

What you see when you Create Massive Fireball Display

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What others see when you Create Massive Fireball Display

If quite a few fire mages get together, then I can only assume that Blizzard will fix this method to create a Massive Fireball Display, but it will be fun while it lasts, no?

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