Max Mining in 2 hours – WoW

Imagine being able to Max Mining in 2 hours in World of Warcraft. This isn't an old guide where leveling to 450 might have taken all day, no it's all the way from 1-700. Of course there are leveling guides out there for mining, but most of them are going to take you at least a day, if not longer.

Max Mining in 2 hours

This method to max mining in 2 hours, will utilize realm hopping or CRZ. Head on over to Frostfire Ridge. There is a hidden cave with mobs which can be 1 shot (2 for weaker classes). Both Alliance and Horde can enter, and there are 4 mining nodes within. Mine the 4 nodes and then realm hop. There are often several groups here so it's easy to change realms at peak times. If you want, you can alternatively use this to gather the ores and then level to around 300 smelting the ore you find. But the 300-700 should be done with realm hopping and mining in this cave.

Please note when using this method to max mining in 2 hours, you will need the Peon's Mining Pick from Spires of Arak. This item will increase your mining speed by 50%. Without it, it might take 3 hours to level your mining to max.

Max mining in 2 hours

Head on over to the circle above, to find the cave into the entrance of the cave which you will use to Max Mining in 2 hours on WoW - just in time for the LEGION expansion. It's a starter map for Draenor so anyone should be able to easily find the cave.

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