Mount in Wintergrasp during battle – WoW

I came across this gem today, and it surprised me that you could Mount in Wintergrasp during battle, on a flying mount no less. There are some conditions like any other WoW cheat, but it can come in handy to get over the walls for whomever isn't controlling the stronghold.

Mount in Wintergrasp during battle

Mount in Wintergrasp during battleYou can actually use this Mount in Wintersgrasp during battle WoW Cheat, in one of two ways. You can sneak into the Wintergrasp stronghold (or towers)... or you can use it to mine and herb while the battle is raging. How you use it is your choice. I mean people fish during the battle is going on, so why not herb and mine, right?

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Using this WoW cheat to Mount in Wintergrasp during battle isn't for everyone, but it might be for those who need Saronite, Titanium, Frost Lotus, Icethorn, and Lichbloom considering how long the battles can last.

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