New Server WoW Gold Farming

This New Server WoW Gold Farming, is probably one of my favorite methods to gaining gold on a new server. You might be thinking why would you need WoW Gold on a new server in the first place. If that's the case, then let me give you 2 plausible answers, among many.

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New Server WoW Gold Farming

You might do the New Server WoW Gold Farming method in order to farm gold and sell it, or you might do it so that you can open a guild bank on each server. Both of those reasons are really for WoW gold farmers. But maybe you like to see what the new server is like, or something else entirely.

New Server WoW Gold FarmingWhat I am going to teach you here, is a method which works surprisingly well and can make you upwards of 5k gold in a couple hours - without paying for a boost.

The easiest method to do the New Server WoW Gold Farming, is to create a new Death Knight - which starts at level 55. Do the starter quests and get the toon to 60. Select your build, and then make your way to old world dungeons.  What you want is a DK build which you can solo an old world dungeon with, and then use that to farm the dungeon. 

Specifically in terms of loot, you will be looking for any transmog items which you can sell on the Auction House. If you find a few pieces that are rare to your server - or at least not widely farmed, you can easily turn a new character into a transmog farming machine. Solo a few dungeons for the loot, and then list on the AH.

If you are doing this in terms of gold farming, then this account should be the account you use to invite your alts in, to farm gold for you, while you use this method to build a little gold, and then use it to pay for people to sign petitions for you, to then create a Guild Bank only account, with alts adding and taking gold away from the GBs.

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