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Noob Bot Source CodeThis Noob Bot Source Code that I am sharing with you (not hosted here), is not a working bot. It however can be updated and used in other projects with a bit of fiddling. The last time it was worked on was in August 2016, so pre-LEGION. It will be up to you to figure out how to make it work for you, and if there is anything worth salvaging out of it.

Noob Bot Source Code

TheNoobBot is a Bot for World of Warcraft, its includes all the tools you need for quick and efficient leveling and farming. The bot will greatly increase your in-game gold-coin making ability.

Noob Bot Features (when updated and working):

The Archaeologist

This tool allow you to level and farm Archaeology dig sites as much as you want in a completely automated manner. You can easily get the Vial of the Sands recipe if you are an Alchemist, and you can also farm the weapons available as Archaeology finds in Mists of Pandaria. The bot will also farm the Restored Crates for you.

The Battlegrounder

Our BG Bot will allow you to farm Honor Points as quickly as possible. It supports XML as well as C# Profiles, and you can then modify the source code of our SDK CaptureTheFlag module to port it for any other WoW Battleground. Your bot will be able to play DPS, Heal and even Tank in the BG.

The Damage Dealer

Our Damage Dealer product is a standalone version of our internal Combat system. It is based on the Tnb_CombatClass.cs module, and you can create your own module if you have experience with C# development. This tool will basically DPS your target, but you can also manage your modified CombatClass to be a tank and the product includes the fight mechanism you need.

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The Gatherer

The core product of any modern WoW Bot. The Gatherer is the tool you need if you want to farms Herbs, Veins, Jewels, Chests like Dark Soil or Onyx Egg, etc.

The Quester

The Quest bot is a tool dedicated to the leveling aspect of the game. It also can complete repeatable quests such as Dailies for you to farm reputation and gears. You can watch the quester in a recorded video of TheNoobBot on private server using ThePrivateBot.

The Grinder

The grinder is the monster-oriented version of the Gatherer. It will allow you to farm materials such as Clothes, Mote of Harmony, Skyshard (Alani mount), or simply kill monsters without looting to level-up or to improve some monster-bashing related reputation.

The Healbot

The Healbot is the “Healer” oriented version of the Damage Dealer. It heals yourself and your party/raid members as long as they are within range. You can modify the source code of the Tnb_HealerClass.cs file to optimize the healing spell depending on the target and/or fight mechanism. You can also modify the algorithm used to find the next player who needs healing.

The Fisherbot

With this product, you can collect all the fish your guilds needs to create food that will give you and your raid members the “Well fed” buff. It will allow you to fish “on place”, or (with a profile) follow a defined path where you can fish in Fishing Schools.

The MiniMap Tracker

The tracker product allow you to set a defined type of Unit or GameObject to be displayed on the minimaps. For example, if you track a Humanoid Unit you will be able to spot the enemy faction players directly on your minimap.

The Profiles Managers

TheNoobBot comes with a set of Profile Manager included in almost all of our products from the Gatherer to the Quester. They help you create profiles for these products without the need of coding knowledge such as XML or C#.

The Prospecting feature

This feature is included as a standalone feature as well as a built-in features within the other products. You just have to set up the list of minerals you want to prospect and the timing between each prospect. You can choose to prospect only when you are going in town to repair/sell/send something, or while farming. This feature lets your characters farm for longer between each town visit.

The Milling feature

This feature is based on the Prospecting feature, so it’s also included as a standalone feature as well as a built-in feature within the other products. The difference between the prospecting and milling feature is that Milling is about Herbs. It is otherwise identical to the prospecting feature.

Noob Bot Source Code Download

If you're looking for to use/purchase the bot, you can do so from the official site for the Noob Bot, or download the Noob Bot Source code below and update it yourself.

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


If you found this Noob Bot Source Code useful and were able to make a new version of the software, or want to add tips to making it work, then leave a comment below.

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Credit to and for the release of this Noob Bot Source Code

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