Perma Anti-AFK – World of Warcraft

To make your character stay Perma Anti-AFK in World of Warcraft, means that you need to edit the WoW client program, specifically wow.exe. You can use any HEX editor to make the change, we used HxD to do it.

Perma Anti-AFK in WoW

Homer-twiddle-thumbWhy use Anti-AFK? It's usually a good idea to do it for dungeon or pvp leeching. Of course doing so can also get your account suspended, so decide if the risk is worth it or not on your own.

First, copy wow.exe to wow.exe.bak (so you can restore if you want later).

So here is how to do it first of all make a backup of your Wow.exe

  1. Use a HEX editor to open wow.exe.
  2. Search for offset 12A65F
  3. Modify like this:
    Perma Anti-AFK
  4. Then search for 4767F0
  5. Modify like this:
    Perma Anti-AFK
  6. Save wow.exe
  7. Launch game.

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