Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators – WoW Cheat

While doing Suramar Elite WQ, I happened upon a way to Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators, so that you can solo this quest, if you don't have full 840 gear. It will work if you have a character with or without a Crowd Control spell.

Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators

Fairly simple here with a hunter. There is a quest called Unspeakable Collaborators which consists on killing 8 elite mobs from a zone in Suramar. Whenever you see a patrol of the of 2 mobs, Felborne Collaborator and Felsworn Noble, this will be your target.Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators

This Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators WoW Cheat, helped me to solo the quest. If you find another way, please by all means share in the comments below and I will update this guide to reflect it, with credits to you.

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thanks to users krampak and tialk for helping to find this Perma Freeze Felborne Collaborators bug/cheat

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