Perma Sprite Ward Buff – WoW

To get your own Perma Sprite Ward, you are going to do it methodically. Sprite Ward will grant you -50% damage from fire, and having this on your character semi permanently can be a huge blessing, especially in dungeons where you can expect to take a lot of fire damage, but also in PVP.

Perma Sprite Ward Buff

 Perma Sprite WardTo start to get this Perma Sprite Ward buff, we first need to start on a different realm. So transfer out of your own server, and then goto Timeless Isle. We will need to search for a Crimsonscale Firestorm (one of those red flying serpents that looks like a Chinese Dragon).

You will need to attack it, so that is shoots down Fire Blossom upon the ground. Step in the Fire Blossom. Once you do that, you are only about one quarter of the way complete.


If you have followed these instructions exactly, you will now have a Perma Sprite Ward buff, which will stay on you until your character perishes. This Perma Sprite Ward buff is confirmed working in dungeons, raids, and PVP - till you die anyways.

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