Permanent Ram Racing Reigns – WoW

Ohhh neat trick here - Permanent Ram Racing Reigns. This is a brewfest item, which usually has a short time to use them. Normally, you only get these reigns for 4 minutes, but with this trick, you will be able to add them to your rideable mounts, forever.

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Permanent Ram Racing Reigns

  1. Permanent Ram Racing ReignsComplete the Quest: "Brew For Brewfest"
  2. Now you are mounted and get the item on your bagspace.
  3. Destroy the item, while you are mounted.
  4. Normally, if you remove the buff, the item disappears but if your go to the item restoration page, you can restore the item and have the Ram Racing Reigns forever.

This Permanent Ram Racing Reigns trick might work for other temporary event type mounts as well, but has yet to be tested on them. Please do your share and let us know of any others you are able to come up with, by replying in the comments below!

Warning: This event ends on October 6th. If you do not get these Permanent Ram Racing Reigns now, then you will have to wait till next year, and this trick might be fixed by then. So get going, login, and complete the quest so that you can try and grab the reigns for yourself.

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