Persistent Weather Effects – WoW

When I heard it might be possible to force Persistent Weather Effects, I was all ears. To find out that you can force bright and shiny days, even when going into dark and foreboding places piqued my interest. You see, I dislike going through areas which all doom and gllom, this is also probably why I only have one undead character, which I in fact disliked leveling through the beginning areas. But to be able to force the Persistent Weather Effects? Count me in. 

Persistent Weather Effects

I bet you didn't know this, but weather effects and the darkness of some areas, are normally actually handled DirectX. Which in past years, some people actually created hacks for. But to be able to create Persistent Weather Effects, without the use of game hacks? Pure blasphemy! 

Unfortunately, to cause Persistent Weather Effects, you need to be a high level character and have access to the Timeless Isle. But once you do, then with the help of a friend, you can create this effect. Note that it won't work in all areas, and you will need to test this to figure out how to apply it to your character, with it's abilities.

Persistent Weather Effects

So here's how I was able to cause the Persistent Weather Effects...


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