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It appears there may be a Possible Dupe Bug afoot in World of Warcraft. Most people don't understand how the mechanics of a Dupe Bug works, so I will explain it briefly. A dupe bug works when you have 2 people trading items back and forth, while the server is lagging. If you can disconnect or be in a server (or land block) which crashes, before your character is saved with all it's possessions, a dupe bug can ensue - duplicating any items that may be or have been very recently been on your character.

Possible Dupe Bug for World of Warcraft

Archeage GM DupeThe mechanics happen in that causing severe lag, will slow the possibility for a save, which in turn creates a small window which can occur to cause a Possible Dupe Bug. Once a dupe has occurred, 2 things must happen. Person A logs back in, and somehow changes the GUID of the item. This can be done with augmenting it, breaking a stack, increasing a stack size, etc. Once person A has completed this task, person A logs off. Next, person B also logs in. If the item is within the pack, then the item(s) are duplicated. If person A does not change the GUID, then one of the 2 items will be deleted from the game, and a flag issued.

For most games, this is the same method needed to cause a dupe bug, some elder or newer games might not have this check in place, in which case you can simply rinse and repeat as many times as you need.

Keep in mind however that there is grafix lag, and server lag. To tell whether or not you have server lag or grafix lag, you need to turn away from the event which is causing the server lag. For this, I like to zoom all the way in on my character, and stare at the ground. If I am still lagging as much, it's server lag. If the lag all but disappears, then it's screen lag.

As for a Possible Dupe Bug for World of Warcraft, you need severe server or landblock lag. This is the way to cause that lag - and may need multiple people to cause this. But before I get into the how, let me state this info is for VIP members only.

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