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PQ Rotation botPQ Rotation bot (PQR) is an all-in-one ability rotation application. It uses both simple memory reading as well as a memory detour to execute Lua code. It requires very little setup, which even a novice should be able to navigate easily.

  • No addons to configure.
  • No pixel scanning to hinder performance.
  • Easily customizable and shareable abilities and rotations.

PQ Rotation bot was mainly designed for PVE purposes, however it can easily be configured for PVP purposes as well. It will perform your currently selected rotation as perfectly as is possible, leaving the user to monitor more important things such as fight mechanics and anything else that might be happening in the party/raid.

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Tip: While it's possible to copy other people's rotations, this is a VERY bad idea, and thus we will NOT link to any. Using someone else's rotations, can lead to a ban, if you use the exact some ones as someone else.

Each rotation for PQ Rotation bot is 100% configurable, and each ability can be assigned Lua code (protected or otherwise) that it will execute to determine if a spell should be cast. It also has a basic interrupt script built in that allows you to interrupt ability that is interruptable (it will not try to interrupt non-interruptable abilities). 

Download PQ Rotation Bot

WoW Gold and ilvl 561 items for sale*NOTE: Since you are downloading an EXE directly, some web browsers may consider it malicious.

If you are unable to use the updater, you may download PQR.exe and PQR.exe.config directly.

If you need to download offsets directly, the list of offsets can be found here .

You will need to download from this link:


Simply add the XML file name to the end of that URL. Ex: Offsets_15050.xml

Would be: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/39925787/PQR_Offsets/Offsets_15050.xml

WARNING: There is an addon which works within World of Warcraft and acts as an interface for the PQR Rotation bot. It is imperative that you do NOT use this addon. Blizzard is able to detect the PQ Rotation bot addon, and WILL give you a 72 hour ban. As long as you only use the PQ Rotation bot, it is not detectable by Blizzard at this time.

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