Quick Capping Battlegrounds – World of Warcraft

Quick Capping BattlegroundsQuick Capping Battlegrounds can infuriate the enemy, and even your team mates at times. It is the use of various items or spells within World of Warcraft, which will allow you to cap your target before the enemy is even half way to a flag position.

Quick Capping Battlegrounds Items & Spells


Use the Disconnect Macro, to get outside the gates of the Battleground start area. Run against the fence, click the button, and then go.

These 4 things in different situations will allow you to Quick Capping Battlegrounds and flag returns.

Darkwater Potion increases your speed by 70%, for 15 seconds! Rocket Boots Xtreme only increases your speed for 3 seconds, so use wisely.

Both the Goblin Glider and the Flexweave Underlay, will give you a flying type of buff. Jump from a rock or building, engage the item, then the rocket boots, to bypass a crap load of obstacles. This can also be used to fly over water!

Disconnect macro: /run for v=1,500 do for i = 1,GetNumFactions() do SetWatchedFactionIndex(i) end end

If this gets enough interest, I will make a World of Warcraft Quick Capping Battlegrounds video. But I am expecting up voting and comments here folks!

Item list by skipper1

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