Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick

Quicker 100 WoW leveling trickI was kind of surprised to learn about this Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick. If you are level 90, and already have Draenor Pathfinder, then you will be able to level much quicker to level 100. In fact, in our tests, leveling 90 to 100, took less then 2 hours.

Speeds may differ, depending on various factors.

Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick

Again, to use this Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick, you need Draenor Pathfinder. If you don't have it, then this method will not work for you at all. With this Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick, you can also use it to sell boosts to those without flying. 😉

Quicker 100 WoW leveling instructions:

It's actually pretty simple. However you will gain better results with XP gear such as Elixir of the Rapid Mind (300%), plus an Elixir from your Garrison (20%), and Heirlooms.

Keep in mind however that this Quicker 100 WoW leveling trick may or may not get you all the way to 100. The included routes listed above, as well as having all the heirloom gear will help though.

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