RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat

RAF Darkmoon Cheat - Darkmoon Faire Race

The RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat, requires first that you have a RAF linked account, and second that you are ready to use this RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat in the Darkmoon Faire. For this particular cheat, we will be doing the Darkmoon Faire Race.

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Fairly simple stuff for this RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat, so it's not even hidden for VIP members. If you aren't sure what a RAF account is, it's an account which was created by you sending a Refer-A-Friend invite to a friend (or vice-versa).

RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat Instructions

  • RAF Darkmoon Cheat - Darkmoon Faire RaceEnsure both characters are at the Darkmoon Faire Race start.
  • Get ready to start the race.
  • Cast the summoning spell (in the big race, wait till slying down the mountain towards the island checkpoint to cast).
  • Run the race until the last checkpoint.
  • Accept the summons
  • Finish the Darkmoon Faire Race

You now should have the gold achievement unless you are not good enough to reach under 11 tolls to get to the last checkpoint!

WoW 728x90

credit for this RAF Darkmoon Faire Cheat goes to IFoundAGlitch


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