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Black Venom Blade - Rare 100k Gold itemHow in the world (of warcraft) can there be a Rare 100k Gold item? Tis true however. There is an item which is so rare in WoW, that it can go for as much as 100k in WoW Gold. Why? Because at the time of writing, there are less then 10 available across both US and EU servers.


Rare 100k Gold Item Farming guide

So in the Rare 100k Gold item we are going to farm for, is called the Black Venom Blade.  It's a BiS weapon for level 29 twinks because of its item level scaling.  The reason for the high price is due to it's rarity and the fact that it can ONLY be obtained in "Battered Junkboxes" with pickpocketing low level mobs.

So you will need a rogue character to do the farming - which partly explains why it's so rare. Think about it, only a rogue, and only a rogue who will farm low level mobs for Battered Junkboxes.

Where you go is really up to you, but you both the Stockades and the Catacombs in Duskwood near Raven Hill are popular spots.

Instructions to farming Rare 100k Gold item

This is easier on a high level rogue, but a level 55+ should work fine.

  1. Buy a Glyph of Pickpocket and Glyph of Lockpicking
  2. Change first talent to Nightstalker for faster movement.
  3. Goto Stockades or the Catacombs in Duskwood near Raven Hill
  4. Sprint out and repeat till  bags are full of Battered Junkboxes
  5. Open all and sell or trash junk 
  6. Rinse/Repeat steps 3-5 till you fine the item.

This might take 10 runs, it might 100. The key is to keep doing it till you get it.

Bonus Tip: About 15 minutes after you pickpocket a mob, the mob will reset. So if you are clearing an instance in 20 minutes, just return to start and do it over. This way you don't run the risk of needing to reset the instance over and over.

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