Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot – WoW

This is a Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot, which uses a sendkey app. The goal of this app is to avoid the memory editing and just send keys to the wow binary. In this way, it is hoped to avoid detection by Blizzard's Warden technology, as it does not read memory nor edit it, which are the primary ways that bots are detected.

Rogue Auto Pick Pocket BotRogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot

  • Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot Features
  • Attaches and identifies to single host process
  • No memory modification, simply uses send key (to keyboard)
  • Random interval between 2 set values
  • Duration Timer
  • Generic App, can be used with other games/apps
  • Win32/64 bit (x86/x64) support 


WARNING: Warden looks for auto-looting capabilities. The Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot has not tampered with the memory, and pick pocket is still a lootable action. So if you're interface options are set to autoloot, pick pocket will loot automatically, and you are using Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot, you should tell it to autoloot through pick pocketing, not from regular looting.

Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot more info (TL;DR)

To use the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot, first the user must specify a host. This allows the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket app to identify the handle to the target application. It is also used to make sure the GetForeGroundWindow:Handlematches hosts:Handle. If neither handles match, then the application will temporarily stop until the GetForeGroundWindow contains a focus, upon doing so, the application will start automatically, so long as you don't hit the Stop button.

There is another nice feature put into the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot called the 'obvious' interval. We don't wan't the key sequences to be obvious for Blizz to pick up. So, the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot generates a random number between the the first keystroke and the second keystroke (1sec being the default) and max (whatever the obvious interval is set at) and uses a random number between those min/max values as the duration in seconds between each keystroke. This helps to simulate a normal users actions as if the player was there pick pocketing, tabbing through npc's, rather than using the same duration before and after each key stroke.

Key strokes can be sent as single strokes or as a sequence but not as a duration (in other words, two keys pressed at the same time). Keys have to be manually typed for Blizz to identify the keys. Keys bound in the app must match Blizzard's bound action, on the action bar, since TAB is a default action for scrolling through enemies, the first key will have to be 'TAB'. The Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot first key should be 'TAB', no doubt, the second key I placed for my testing purpose was '[', so within the game, I bound my pick pocketing skill to '[' . But you are welcome to set your own keys for this.

There is a duration timer which will tell you how long the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot app has been running for, this will not stop until you hit the stop button. If ForeGroundWindow:handlehas lost focus, the duration will continue to count up, as the while loop is constantly waiting for the host:handle to contain a focus again.

This has a topmost option to keep the window above all others including the game. Tooltips can be seen hovering your mouse of labels containing the '*'.Tooltips can be disabled in the Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot app view menu as well as the topmost feature.

Keep in mind, this Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot app IS NOT specifically made for World of Warcraft, nothing about WoW has been hard coded into this Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot app, it can be used in other applications, so long as the handle > 0 and has a visible window that allows editing in some way shape or form. I would not recommend it, might cause some buggy shit, but its target purpose was for rogues gaining dingy iron coins for Grifta. If you get bored and select notepad as the host and watch it type letters at random times, be my guest.

Make sure as a rogue you have the Glyph of Pick Pocket, that increases pick pocketing by 5 yards and you are in Talador's - Tomb of Lights. I have tested this Rogue Auto Pick Pocket Bot for almost 2 hours straight through without the 'obvious interval' (got risky) and fenced 11000-12000 in return from Grifta.


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