Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit 2x Damage – WoW Cheat

Rogue Stealth Attack ExploitThis new Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit will allow you to stay stealthed for about 20 seconds after your first attack, thus ensuring that all of your attacks will crit when attacking giving you Double Unblockable Damage.

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit

In order to get this to work, you will need the Subterfuge talent, be stealthed, and be ready to do some serious @$$ wooping! The rest will be easy to seriously harm and possibly kill your enemies, unless they can realize whats happening and throw up some kind of damage shield in time. It's not blockable otherwise, and a CC will not break your stealth.

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WARNING: The Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit which gives you Double Unblockable Damage, is a known cheat and will likely be fixed in the next patch. Use at your own risk.

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