Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location – World of Warcraft

Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming LocationI found this spot, after a faction change, and had my quests reset. This spot will send endless waves of Nagas at you, as long as you do not turn in the associated quest. What it will mean, is that this Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location, will gain you massive amounts of WoW Gold, if you are using a Potion of Treasure Finding.

With 15 minutes of farming, here are the stats I got from this Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location:

  • 195 Ember Silk
  • 10 Volatile Earth
  • 7 Volatile Fire
  • 5 Volatile Life
  • 10 Volatile Water
  • 9 Greenies

Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location

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