Skillcapped PVP Video Guides – WoW Legion

Skillcapped PVP Video GuidesThere is a set of guides referred to as Skillcapped PVP Video Guides and if you've spent anytime playing in PVP, then you know how hard it is to master your class. Skillcapped is a website which is dedicated to teaching you how to play your character better in PVP situations like Battlegrounds and Arenas.

But what happens when you have surpassed their free tutorials and need a little more help? Do you buy the guides for $5 a month, or do you look else where for the guides? Chances are, you look elsewhere - but you're not going to find much of a source for those guides. We however have accumulated a few for you to browse so you can decide if you want to purchase their full guide or pass on Skillcapped.

We have included guides for the following classes: Death Knight (5), Demon Hunter (3), Druid (4), Hunter (1), Mage (1), Monk (3), Paladin (8), Priest (7), Rogue (5), Shamman (3), Warlock (2), Warrior (1).

Note that this set of Skillcapped PVP Video Guides was updated for LEGION but is not the full set you will get from their site, only a set of guides for World of Warcraft LEGION, and for a small set of class guides. For the full set, consider purchasing their service, which gives you access to all the video guides, macros, and everything else available to members of that site.So did you watch the Skillcapped PVP Video Guides? If so, what did you think of them? Is it worth paying $5 a month for them?

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