Speed Level 90-100 – WoW

garrbuildingsparringarena-1I couldn't believe my ears, when I heard you can Speed Level 90-100 in a matter of hours. There are companies which will do this for you, which take days and will charge $35-$50 to do it for you. Now you can learn this Speed Level 90-100 trick, and do it yourself in a a matter of hours without the risk of a ban, for letting someone else on your account.

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Speed Level 90-100

So in order to Speed Level 90-100, there is one important factor. You must not have already built the Lumbar Yard in Gorgund, and must choose instead to build the Gladiators Sanctum, while being on (or able to get) the quest called "Chains of Iron".

Speed Level 90-100 - WoW

This quest, and the chain that leads to it, is only available to players that choose to build the gladiator arena in Gorgrond, instead of the Lumber Yard.

Rinse/Repeat to finish your Speed Level 90-100.

If you don't like running/flying around and prefer farming on one spot and gaining bunch of levels while doing it, this is perfect spot for you!

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