Talons Vengeance Exalted 1 Hour – WoW Cheat

I found a way to get Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 Hour. I have been experimenting a lot lately, due to some issues I have been having in World of Warcraft. I am not sure why this happened this way, but a holy priest will not gain the hunted debuff when they die due to spirit of redemption. A player in your party WILL NOT give you Mark of prey. A level 110 honorless target WILL give you a Mark of prey, and a WQ doesn't need to be up in the area to use the Ivory talon.

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Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 Hour

So utilizing the information which I gathered above, here are the steps to get you from neutral to max rep for Talons Vengeance to Exalted, in 1 hour:

  1. Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 HourInvite 4 holy priest friends to party
  2. Go to murloc FFA area where the spirit healer is (WQ WAS INACTIVE SO NO ONE AROUND, go elsewhere if this one is up)
  3. Priests strip to no gear (Ooh La La)
  4. Disband party
  5. Kill all the Holy Priests
  6. You get mark of prey
  7. They won't get debuff
  8. They should then release
  9. Have them wait for spirit healer res
  10. Repeat from step 5 till you hit max rep

So this gives 100 rep every 30 seconds, which can multiplied depending on how many holy priests you can get to help you. You need 425 marks to go from neutral rep to max exalted. However, with the Darkmoon Faire buff it takes 375. With one Holy Priest, you can get 120 marks an hour. With four naked priests you can get all 425 in less than an hour.

Notes on getting Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 hour:

  • Have all priests strip naked to kill fast, the spirit healer time keeps counting down (like in Battlegrounds), so kill all four in less than 30 seconds if possible.
  • This works with priests from other realms but needs to be same faction, it works because even if you leave a group after zoning in, you are not phased back to your own realm, to phase out you need to be invited by someone else.
  • This isn't game breaking, so it will be low priority fix probably but they will do it eventually like how they fixed AV mine farming.
  • This is currently one of the worst reps to get, and I have 90 exalted!
  • Talons Vengeance is a PVP Faction. More info here.
  • Ivory Hawkstrider is the mount you can get by farming reputation.

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