Tanking, the proper way not to tank!

I have gotten into reading advice from other blogs lately, to see what useful info can be had.  A recent post offered a sarcastic approach to tanking.  While this post, was meant for World of Warcraft users, I think it can be properly applied to any MMO game.  Here's a little excerpt that ought to give you an idea of what to do, or rather what not to do...

For the highest quality ASS Pull (Accidental and Surprisingly Stupid Pulling), observe these simple rules:

  1. Always target the stationary packs first, never the pathers.
  2. Use Charge to pull, or at least make sure you’re out of range of the healers, that way you can lead them forward into battle!
  3. When considering timing and positioning, remember it is possible to use proximity agro to pull another stationary pack with your patrol.  The more the merrier!
  4. Don’t forget the bosses, truly epic ASS pulling always have at least one.

What, you didn’t think these things could happen by accident, right?

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