Temporarily Raise ilvl – WoW

Temporarily Raise ilvl - WoWThere might be times when you need to Temporarily Raise ilvl in WoW. This might be because you just joined a LFR or LFG queue, and need to ensure that you have the proper ilvl to qualify, or it might be for another reason altogether. Whatever reason that you need to Temporarily Raise ilvl, this trick is going make it so that you don't waste BOE items.

The ilvl or item level is a rather important property of every item. It has two main functions — reflect the item's usefulness and at the same time determine the minimum level a character must have in order to use it. Also, item level is tied to many enchants which can only be applied to items of a particular item level or higher.

Temporarily Raise ilvl

So how do we Temporarily Raise ilvl in World of Warcraft? In order to Temporarily Raise ilvl, you need to have some items which will raise your ilvl AND that you can use. Next we are going to

It is recommended that once you do join and get in the raid, you put on your best items, if they aren't already on, even if they aren't the proper ilvl for the raid. This trick to Temporarily Raise ilvl should work as long as your DPS is in line with others. However you might expect a kick, should someone realize that you aren't quite up to par. If this does happen, just let the person who kicked you know that the items you are wearing now, provides more DPS, then the higher ilvl gear.


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