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Farming Terky. Who or What is Terky? Terky is a non-combat Murloc pet that was added into the game in patch 4.0.1. Suffice it to say, about five years ago. It was finally recently discovered how to go about Farming Terky, or rather where and how to farm this non-combat pet. All you need, is the latest patch, all the expansions, and cold weather flying, to farm it.

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Farming Terky - Non-Combat Pet

Farming Terky - Non-Combat PetSo in order to go abouts Farming Terky a Non-Combat Pet, go to 55.88 in Borean Tundra. Once you get there, you will need to go underwater and find a hidden cave.

Follow the cave, and you will find a White Murloc Egg. The egg is hidden in a seaweed pile on the ground behind the altar. Go ahead and pickup the White Murlock Egg. When you do, you will be presented with Terky.

Amazingly, when you do find Terky, you should be astonished to realize that this non-combat pet, has been in the game for about 5 years now, without anyone discovering it.

The exact coordinates for the cave entrance are 55.74, 88.13. The timer is near instantaneous, so you will be able to grab one for yourself, without the worry of someone else grabbing it.

I almost feel sorry for the person who shared this on various sites. If no one had said anything, the person could have either sold the pet, or better yet, offered a powerleveling service to get the pet for people. I can imaging collectors paying $20 easy, if not more, to get this pet for them.

Here are some pictures since it can be a bit hard to find:

Find this wall at the coords, then dive.Farming Terky - Wall

Find the caveFarming Terky - Cave

Now find the egg in the seaweed. terky-egg

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