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I am not sure why Blizzard never incorporated a Text 2 Speech WoW Tool, but you can now get one. Really though, unless you have trouble reading, this tool won't actually help most people. I suppose it could bring in an even younger crowd - possibly an untapped market (hoping you're reading this Blizzard). Imagine all the 5 year olds who would now be able to play WoW...

This Text 2 Speech WoW Tool monitors the in-game chat. The tool has an option that will convert the text to "speech". Using this option is like adding a voice to the game. Whenever someone says something in the chat, it will now sounds like a real voice!

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Text 2 Speech WoW Tool

This tool is free, so all you need to do to download it, is share this page, and you will be taken to a download for you to get the Text 2 Speech WoW Tool. Below, you can also see the tool in an actual gaming setting (see video below).

Download Text 2 Speech WoW Tool

Text 2 Speech WoW Tool

If you found this Text 2 Speech WoW Tool useful, please let us know in the comments below. Better yet, share this post and let otehrs know about this useful tool.

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