Timewalking Druid Damage Increase

Timewalking Druid Damage IncreaseThis Timewalking Druid Damage Increase only works when you are doing Timewalking dungeons. Unlike some other damage increasers this one will only work for a druid. But, instead of being debuffed like the rest of the people who do Timewalking dungeons, you will in fact keep your full damage, which then becomes an increase of damage since you won't get debuffed. It's a bit confusing, but just understand, you won't get the debuff.

Timewalking Druid Damage Increase

There's something else you should know... others will notice this non-debuff, because when you get phased into the dungeon, they also will not get the debuff, as long as you and they phase in together. If you're lucky they will just think it's a random fluke or try to figure out how it happened with them being the possible reason. Just stay quite and agree with what ever their reasoning, unless it's because of you.

In order to do the Timewalking Druid Damage Increase, you will need to 

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