Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost

Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage BoostWe can use an item to give Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost. Basically we will find a few mobs usually trash or critters to waylay, activate and item, and store up the damage for a Timewalking Dungeon Boss. The key to this however is timing and knowing the boss you plan to unleash your fury on.

Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost

Discounted US and EU Time CodesTo get this Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost, you're going to need to equip the trinket Soul Capacitor. You will also need to find some critters which you can store all your energy, hit them with a few Area of Effect (AoE) spells to stack up the damage, then unleash it to the bosses/packs, doing 100k+ hits in Timewalking dungeons.

If you can't find critters to stack your damage, then you should try to find a trash or normal mobs nearby. Be careful when you work on your timing, since it's not unheard of for a boss to suddenly leap away, rendering your carefully planned work, null.

The proc for the Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost is  Spirit Shift. It's a good idea to use the following macro when using this item, just in case the boss does move away.

#showtooltip Soul Capacitor
/cancelaura Spirit Shift

Interestingly when using this trinket, you will actually show a negative to the amount of damage you do in a fight. So expect an overall indicated drop in your damage shown on DPS meters when in a fight where your Timewalking Dungeon Mega Damage Boost procs.


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