Titan Maelstrom Scenario Exploration – WoW 7.3.5

Here's a harrowing tale of the Titan Maelstrom Scenario Exploration in WoW 7.3.5 which we found interesting. Its a tale of an explorer and the mob which decided to follow him home. This behemoth follows our wary explorer to the edges of nowhere, and was hiding to ambush unwary explorers close to the maelstrom.

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Hear Ye' Hear Ye the Tale of the ...

Titan Maelstrom Scenario Exploration

Finally an exploration with a scary chase at first for my survival !

This huge monster shark is posted in the shadows like a rogue at the exit of a submarine cavern not far from the maelstrom and as soon as we try to get out, he appear from the shadows and he kills us directly ...

But smart as I am, I managed to escape from his eyes a little while except that once out I looked behind me and ...

Heeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeyyyyy !

He chase me everywhere like a mob in a dungeon ! I needed to find a land because sometimes he was getting dangerously close to me and I could be killed at any moment...

Finally I landed here ! Look at his face reaction, he is disgusted because I win lol, then he despawn and I can explore for free without fear

Let's now explore this special version of the maelstrom... There is a rising water here, I recognize this old area from the Thrall quest

Not that far, there is a long deep canyon...

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Then, I found a little submarine at the surface !

And inside the submarine, there are 3 characters fused... Magni / Brann / and a female ( I don't remember her name )

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Just down from the submarine, there is the Titan canyon

And for the last, inside the cavern, there is an aquarium...

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credit to user:Madorisiath for the images and exploration story of Titan Maelstrom Scenario in WoW 7.3.5

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