Tome of Porcupine Farming – WoW

Tome of Porcupine FarmingToday, we're going to teach you Tome of Porcupine Farming in World of Warcraft. When farming these items, I farm about 3 per hour, which can be sold for around 30k gold each. These can only be farmed by mages and the drop rate is about .2%. This means you need to kill sheer droves of them.

However if you don't have a high level mage, there might be a way around this restriction 😉 ...

Tome of Porcupine Farming

The exact method to Tome of Porcupine Farming is actually fairly easy, but knowing the best method isn't a given. So we only ask that you share this post to social media, which will then unlock the content for you to see. No tricks involved.

Thanks for reading this Tome of Porcupine Farming method with added information and video, let us know in the comments below what you thought of it and your results...

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