Trading Post Change – WoW

WoW Trading Post ChangeI have managed to Trading Post Change and have done it a couple times, to verify it works. It's an effective way to make gold in WoW so you can buy items for garrison resources. However the prices of the items depends on the vendor and vendor changes every day and its the same for everybody in your region (US/EU/Asia, etc.). Unfortunately, when you do this Trading Post Change, it also seems to be random on which one you get.

If you're unsure what the trading post is for, read about it on WoWhead.

Trading Post Change Trick

Here are the steps to doing the Trading Post Change trick. As I stated above, I have managed to do this a couple times, and have tested the steps involved. I do some, which I am not sure if you need to do, but I do them anyways - I marked which ones they are...

If you find any other use for this Trading Post Change, or if you manage to abuse this exploit in another way, please comment with your findings!

IMPORTANT: I replicated this with the Headless Horseman dungeon but the first time I did it, it was in a Timewalking dungeon a while ago. I just realized how it happened this last time, and managed to replicate this Trading Post Change successfully (and thus shared with you)!

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