Trolling WoW Trade Chat & Barrens Chat

We all troll at some point or another, but now Trolling WoW Trade Chat has gotten much easier, with a recently found chat trick. Imagine throwing up a blanket statement, which covers everyone who is currently watching the trade chat channel (or the Barrens chat channel) in World of Warcraft. This trick, just about does it.

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Trolling WoW Trade Chat

When I say that Trolling WoW Trade Chat, is easier now, let me explain. By this I mean, we can throw a blanket statement like "<random name here> is a thief" or "I just reported <random name here> for abusing game mechanics". The thing is, we aren't actually stating "<random name here>" we are putting in a code, which covers many many names, if they are part of a raid group. 

So when we are Trolling WoW Trade Chat, and want to use that "<random name here>" modifier, we simply type in {g1} through {g8}. Then anyone who is in a raid group in one of the first 8 positions (as defined by g1, g2, g3, etc.), will see their names in that chat. 

There is one important factor, when we are  Trolling WoW Trade Chat, is that if someone is not part of a raid, instead of a name, they will see [], instead. So if we type  "I just reported {g1} for abusing game mechanics", and there is no one in the raid, or a player is not in a raid, then they will actually see  "I just reported [] for abusing game mechanics", instead.

Trolling WoW Trade Chat

Use this Trolling WoW Trade Chat trick wisely, and without the use of racial slurs or other language which may get you in trouble, it's one thing to troll and quite another to get your account banned for taking a joke too far.

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