TSM Raw Materials List for BfA – WoW

TSM Raw Materials List for BfATSM Raw Materials List for BfA, is a list of mats you should be looking out for in WoW, right now. Buy the items off the Auction House and when the expansion comes out on 14 August, you will not have to battle hordes of players. The materials will come to you or already be at hand, naturally.

You can use this data to sell the raw mats or be one of the first to start making a killing on the AH selling finished products, first. Those who prepare for the Battle of Azeroth expansion will expand their wealth easily.

TSM Raw Materials List for BfA

Before we give you the TSM code to use, it would probably be a good idea to share with you, the installation instructions into Trade Skill Master's plugin.

TSM 3 Groups Installation steps:

  1. Copy the data below in its entirety.
  2. Go into game press /tsm
  3. Click the groups tab
  4. Enter and group name like "BfA Raw Mats" click Okay.
  5. Click Import/Export Tab.
  6. Enter the contents of below code into Import string click Okay.
  7. Profit. All mats are now imported into your group.
  8. ???

TSM Raw Materials List for BfA Code

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