Ultimate WoW Guide Addon – Free Download – Includes Demon Hunters

Have you been looking for Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon? It's one of the best WoW leveling guides on the market today. It easily compare's to Zygor's and in some ways may be even better - but that is up to you to decide. Today, you can download Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon completely free, and includes the entire WoW Guide compilation including all the updates to this point (See changelog).

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Ultimate WoW Guide Addon

Dugi's Horde Alliance GuidesWhat makes Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon, better than it's competitors? *shrug* I am not going to lie here. I think it's on par with Zygor's, and actually includes a few better guides, but overall they weigh in about the same. Dugi actually had a very dubious start, and for that he faltered a bit, which allowed Zygor to get ahead of him in the market. If not for that oopsy, Zygor might have been the underdog here.


Ultimate WoW Guide Addon includes the following guides :
  • 1-100 Leveling Guide (Horde + Alliance, all races)
  • Loremaster
  • Dungeon Guide
  • Daily Quests for all expansions (great for mounts/companions)
  • Event Guide
  • 1-700 Profession Guides
  • 2000+ Achievement Point guide
  • Rare/Pet tracking
  • NPC Journal

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This version includes Demon Hunter Starter Guides!

Free Dugi Guide Download

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Dugi Guide Change Log :

Build 8.021 - Aug 9th 2016

Dugi Addon

  • Fixed arrow.lua error
  • Fixed ants.lua division by zero error
  • Fixed LibStatLogic to detect XP_BONUS for german users
  • More TaxiData updates for Broken Isle continent

Leveling Guides

  • New Demon Hunter starter guides for level 98 - 100
  • New Broken Shore scenario guides for Alliance and Horde

Build 8.015 - Aug 3rd 2016

Dugi Addon

  • Added step detection improvements to better support Demon Hunter / Legion quests
  • Improved scenarion step detections
  • Fixed missing Anchored frame background bug
  • Update Warrior and Demon Hunter weapon selections for Gear Advisor
  • Fixed Taxi to stop suggesting to use the LFG button if it's not there when exiting dungeon
  • Fixed waypoint arrow LUA error
  • Updated NPC name database for Legion
  • Improved "Show Quest Level" feature to display nothing if the quest level is 0
  • Fixed Blinking anchored frame when CastShapeshiftForm, CancelUnitBuff

Build 8.011 - July 30th 2016

Dugi Addon

  • Adjusted Sticky Frames width to match the objective tracker size
  • Disable map preview with Mining and Herb farming routes

Profession Guides

  • Improved Mining and Herb farming routes, it should now loop the waypoints automatically

Build 8.010 - July 29th 2016

Dugi Addon

  • Gear Finder is now available again and much more improved than before.
  • Updated Gear Advisor for Monk weapon selections 2 hand only for Brewmaster and Dual wield only for Windwalker
  • Fix Gear Advisor paladin to exclude shield for Retribution spec
  • Updated Gear Advisor Rogue Sublety weapon selections
  • Updated Gear Advisor Dual wield weapon swap preference

Build 8.007 - July 26th 2016

Dugi Addon

  • Fixed bug that broke the menus after switching addon mode.
  • Optimized Gear Advisor


Thanks for the submission for Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon goes to TheMuffinMan

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