UnBan Unmerged Accounts Technique – WoW

This guide will teach you the UnBan Unmerged Accounts Technique. UnBan Unmerged Accounts TechniqueIf you played WoW way back in vanilla or even up until The Burning Crusades, you may have an unmerged account. An unmerged account may have rarities which are no longer obtainable in the current World of Warcraft game. For a while, Blizzard allowed you to merge these accounts into your own account, and then they changed it so that you could only merge in, when you use the same name on a battle.net account as the account which was unmerged. This caused bans to the unmerged accounts - we can undo this with this UnBan Unmerged Accounts Technique.

UnBan Unmerged Accounts Technique

So the first thing you are going to need to complete the UnBan Unmerged Accounts Technique, is the complete information on the old account. By this, I mean you need the full name, email address, secret answer if you have it, and if you also still have it, the original cdkey or expansion keys.

So lets go into the method now...

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