Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat – WoW

It's come to light that there is an Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat. It ONLY works for ranged attackers. So any melee type build won't be able to use this cheat. Apply the buff (as listed below) and farm without receiving the Fire-Watcher's debuff.

Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat

Unlimited Bloody Coins Cheat

About Bloody Coins

For this currency, you can buy:

Vendor: Speaker Gulan

How to obtain:

  1. This is a PvP currency actually. You can acquire Bloody Coin by buying  Censer of Eternal Agony (1000x Timeless Coin) from the said vendor then start ganking the opposite faction... or your own friends!* <evil gaze> Killing people earns you Bloody Coins. When you got the desired amount head back to the NPC and spend.
  2. The other way is to buy  Fire-Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan for 100x Timeless Coin from the same vendor.
    The Oath and the Censer items apply the same effect on you and both can be used to collect Bloody Coins.

    Hotfix changes in 5.4.8: They nerfed  Censer of Eternal Agony by increasing its cooldown to 60 min while buffed  Fire-Watcher's Oath to have its cooldown lowered to 10 min and by removing the mounting restriction. In addition to this, the Oath now has a 100% chance to earn Bloody Coin but there's still a short icd period on it.

    * Note, that the  Censer of Eternal Agony only works on Timeless Isle and you won't be able to kill ANY player on PvE realms until they turn on their PvP / they attack you. You will be hostile to them but they won't be to you. Also worth to mention that players with the censure buff are friendly for eachother and if you group up into a party or even raid you will be able to play as a whole Ordon emissary squad!

    ** Please note, you will earn coins by killing enemies only without the Sacrificed to Ordos buff on them! Killing people with this buff is pointless and are often considered as abusive action on non-pvp focused realms.

    *** Also, there are some class/spec mechanic related bugs where you don't earn coins on killing blow, such as DKs' Purgatory, Priests' Spirit of Redemption, etc.

About Bloody Coins info courtesy of Voxxel

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