Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tips

Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tips

In beginning of the new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tipswill be chief among the highlights of the game. Those who level the fastest (see our WoD Leveling Tips), will ultimately be able to make more WoW Gold. However a prepared soul, will be about to achieve Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming, while leveling. You may not make as much as someone who uses a WoW Leveling Guide, or already has an entire guild behind them ready to pump them to max level within 24 hours, but you will never the less know how to maximize Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming by following some simple steps.

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Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming

Crafting materials sell for a tremendous amount of gold at the start of every new expansion. Take advantage of this and sell any extras you may have. This is one reason why leveling your garrison ASAP is worthwhile—this grants you extra ore and herbs you can sell almost immediately.

Since it's almost time for the expansion, you won't be able to level herb and mining up in time, but if you have a max level character with either of those 2 PLUS skinning, then you should take that character and level it first, mining/herbing/skinning as you go.

Warlords of Draenor Leveling TipsKeep rare crafting materials like the Sorcerous Air, Earth, Fire, and Water items. These will likely sell well.

Make sure you have the largest pre-WoD bags on your character that you can easily get. You will need these to stockpile loot. Whenever you are near a vendor, then go ahead and sell the loot. You want to sell everything except for crafting mats and blues or above. Make sure you even sell off all the greens you pick up, unless they are an upgrade to your gear.

If you know where any rares or treasures are, hunt them down quickly, while you quest. Don't go out of your way to hunt for them however. Going out of your way, will slow your leveling speed, which will hurt you in the long run.

Things will be selling for ridiculous prices, so don’t spend any money in the AH until reaching level 100. Even then, wait at least a week if at all possible to purchase something off the AH. If you need to, try to only purchase an upgraded weapon which will last you for a few levels. Gear and pots should tried to be avoided.

While fish will likely sell well, due to how easy it is to level cooking and first aid with fish, it should be avoided till you are maxed out on level. You will be able to fish in better places because you are higher level, with less risk of fighting.

You should be leveling a DPS class, as your DPS will be able to kill more mobs more quickly. This then translates to more XP and more loot.

One last Warlords of Draenor Gold Farming tip, as you quest, complete random dungeons. Anything which is BOE, blue and above, should be need rolled on whenever possible, and then transferred to a mule to sell on the AH. This includes recipes and schematics.

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