Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips

To play WoW in the upcoming expansion, you need some Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips. Warlords of Draenor Leveling TipsThis will be a small, multi-part series. Our VIP members will get the newest guides as they are released, but the rest of you would do well to keep everything in mind here. These Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips, are written with veteran players in mind.

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Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips: Zones

Warlords of Draenor Leveling TipsIf you’re looking to level as quickly as possible, it’s generally best to do a mix of dungeons and questing. You should definitely start out questing, however, since the first questing content you’ll get access to in Blasted Lands (go to Stormwind/Orgrimmar for the introductory quest) is mandatory for opening up WoD zones (these quests are technically in the Tanaan Jungle zone). You’ll also want to do all of the required intro garrison quests to unlock various garrison features and your first few followers.

The garrison feature itself is purely optional, but it’s definitely worth at least unlocking and taking to level 2. You’ll get access to some useful profession stations, bank access, mailbox access, inn access, a flight path, and even ways to collect ore/herbs (even if you aren’t an herbalist/miner!), make a quick buck or two, and get some nifty gear—including leveling gear and endgame gear (yes, even a rare chance at normal-mode raid drops eventually). The mission system that’s part of the garrison feature can be highly rewarding. Check out the next section for more info about garrisons, but the short answer to the question of “Is starting a garrison worthwhile?” is definitely “Yes”.

Here’s a rundown of the various zones and what level they’re ideal for. I’ll also note what item level quest rewards tend to be which will give you some idea of when you’re likely to start replacing gear.

  1. Tanaan Jungle Introduction – Level 90 (the quests here are very short) – ilevel 505-510 quest rewards. If you’re in Timeless Isle starting gear or MoP quest gear, this is when you’ll starting getting upgrades.

  2. Frostfire Ridge (Horde) /Shadowmoon Valley (Alliance) – Levels 90-92 – ilevel 510-522 quest rewards. If you’re in gear from the Blasted Lands intro quests or in Throne of Thunder gear, this is where you’ll start seeing upgrades. Also, yes, this is the only zone in WoD that’s split between the factions.

  3. Gorgond – Levels 92-94 – ilevel 522-548 quest rewards. If you’re in Siege of Orgrimmar LFR/Normal gear, this is where you’ll start seeing upgrades.

  4. Talador – Levels 93-96 – ilevel 545-570 quest rewards. If you’re in Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic gear, this is likely where you’ll start seeing upgrades.

  5. Spires of Arak – Levels 96-99 – ilevel 568-593 quest rewards. If you’re in Siege of Orgrimmar Mythic gear, this is likely where you’ll start seeing upgrades.

  6. Nagrand – Levels 97-100 – ilevel 587-610 quest rewards. If you’re in Siege of Orgrimmar Mythic Warforged gear or completely upgraded Mythic gear, this is where you’ll start seeing upgrades.

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Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips: Making your way through the zones for the first time:

Once you gain access to your garrison (in Frostfire Ridge/Shadowmoon Valley), this will be where you’ll receive new quests upon gaining levels and where you’ll get the introduction quests that take you to the new zones.


Once you unlock the mission system and start sending out followers on missions, you’ll also get a unique Hearthstone (on a different cooldown) that binds you to your garrison. This means you should rebind your actual Hearthstone to the most convenient inn where you’re currently questing. This makes it easy to go back to your garrison when need be and quickly return to questing. You will be spending a lot of time at your garrison.


The only real central hub in WoD besides your garrison is Ashran. Here you’ll find portals to your faction’s main hubs back on Azeroth as well as profession trainers and most reputation quartermasters. You also get a portal to Ashran inside your garrison when you upgrade your garrison to level 3. Note: This can only be done at level 100.


Warlords of Draenor Leveling TipsYou don’t have to speak to any profession trainers to skill professions up from 600 to 700. Instead, you’ll need to engage in your profession activity and/or complete a small quest. For mining, herbalism, archeology, skinning, and fishing you will simply need to go to a WoD zone and mine an ore node, pick an herb, dig at an archeology site, skin a beast, or fish in any body of water to loot an item that lets you skill up from 600-700. You’ll then, of course, have to skill up from 600-700.


The items that let you skill up from 600-700 in cooking and first aid are random world drops in all WoD zones and require level 90. Using both items grant you your first few recipes. There are two ways to learn cooking recipes in WoD—by eating any of the new foods you’ll have a chance to learn that recipe, and by cooking any of the new recipes you’ll get a chance to learn other new recipes. There’s no need to ever go back to a profession trainer.


To be able to skill up from 600-700 in any crafting profession, you’ll need to either complete a small quest in Shadowmoon Valley/Frostfire Ridge (these are all different based upon your profession) or build the small garrison building that’s connected to your profession. You’ll be able to purchase the item to upgrade your profession off one of the vendors at your profession building. All recipes will either be automatically learned or can be purchased off your garrison building vendor.


Take the time to look for rares and treasures while leveling. Both can give you gear upgrades, fun toys/pets, extra gold, EXP, and more. WoD treasures, like MoP treasures, will sparkle. There are a lot more treasures this time around, and they’re always available and lootable once per character. Both also grant garrison resources. Note: You can only receive the good rewards/garrison resources from killing most rares once.


If you’re a completionist, you’ll want to complete bonus objectives while questing. These appear as blade icons on your map/mini map. Simply go to that area and you’ll automatically receive a quest to perform kill/gather objectives. Completing bonus objectives grants EXP/gold. If you complete all bonus objectives in any given zone, you’ll also receive a treasure map that shows the exact location of every treasure in that zone.

Warlords of Draenor Leveling Tips: Normal mode dungeons

You can do these Normal Mode Dungeons, while leveling from 90-100 and what levels they’re ideal for. Also listed is how many bosses are in that dungeon, where the dungeon is located, and what level of gear is obtainable from each:

Bloodmaul Slag Mines – Levels 90-92 – Located in Frostfire Ridge – 4 bosses, ilevel 530 gear for normal mode


Iron Docks Bloodmaul Slag Mines– Levels 92-94 – Located in Northern Gorgond – 4 bosses, ilevel 550 gear for normal mode


Auchindoun – Levels 94-97 – Located in Talador – 4 bosses, ilevel 570 gear for normal mode


Skyreach – Levels 97-99 – Located in Spires of Arak – 4 bosses, ilevel 600 gear for normal mode


Shadowmoon Burial Grounds – Level 100 – Located in Shadowmoon Valley – 4 bosses, ilevel 615 gear for normal mode


The Everbloom – Level 100 – Located in Gorgond – 5 bosses, ilevel 615 gear for normal mode


Grimrail Depot – Level 100 – Located in Gorgond – 3 bosses, ilevel 615 gear for normal mode


Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS) – Level 100 – Located in Blackrock Mountain – 5 bosses (2 more bosses than the level 90 “teaser” version), ilevel 615 gear for normal mode

All normal mode dungeons also have a heroic version. These can only be ran at level 100, of course, require item level 610 to use the LFD tool, and also require silver mode completion of your spec’s Proving Grounds challenge if you are solo queueing. You’ll gain a quest from your garrison upon hitting level 100 that introduces you to the Proving Grounds system (more on this later). Note: You don’t need to meet either the ilevel requirement or the PG requirement with a premade group.

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